You can connect any device to the college wifi network (Eduroam) in the library

Connecting to College WiFi:

The Library WiFi service is provided through the Eduroam network. 

  • Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc);
  • When prompted,  enter your full student email address and your college password;
  • If you are not prompted for an ID and password – go into your WiFi network settings and set up the Eduroam network;
  • Your device should now automatically connect to college wifi whenever you are in range.

Wireless printing in the library:

You can print black and white documents to any of the library printers from your mobile device or laptop:

  1. Go to the College website;
  2. Enter the Student tab at the top of the homepage;
  3. Select Photocopying and Printing then Wireless Printing Access and follow the instructions ( you will be prompted  for your student ID and password and then you select the file to print);
  4. Then go to any of the library printers, login and print as usual;
  5. Note: only Black and White printing is available at this time.